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You want to improve your website ranking? Are you looking for a group to buy general SEO tools, but the cost to buy on the official website is too high? Worry no more because we will solve your problem!

SEO tools can cost up to thousands of dollars if you buy directly on the official websites. For instance, An Arhefs account for only 1 user can cost you up to 179$ for Standard Plans, along with SEMcrush, Majestic and other tools can cause damage up to 500-700 USD monthly. So if you are looking for a much more affordable SEO tools package to use these combination of tools as an individual, you have come to the right place.

We all know a free or cheap tool is unable to afford quality and stability. Currently, the SEO tools are much more useful and advanced because users need to do a lot more tasks than they used to do, such as doing keyword research, link building, and monitor ranking… A high-quality Ranking Checker is very important because it is very convenient and help users to do less tasks. And again, this is when our Premium service can step in and lend you a hand in improving the ranking of your website with a much more affordable cost. With 3+ years of providing SEO group buy service, we guarantee to do our best to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Our service focuses on the purpose of making expensive internet marketing tools cheap and accessible to all individual users that are hesitant on spending big money for a combo of SEO tools, either it is to serve your business or personal purposes. There are four things that we stress on: Quality, stability, cheap price and last but not least –free of commitment, which means that you can cancel anytime you are not satisfied with our service.

One of our important terms is SEO Group-buy internet marketing tools, which can be understood as a combo of SEO tools that are shared amongst many users. For an individual user, it is costly to sign up for a bunch of internet marketing tools individually with a high price, but now you are offered the opportunity to use a shared account with a much cheaper price, so why should we say no to such an opportunity to save us the money that we can use to buy an iPhone every month and still allow us to access those effective internet marketing tools?

These tools are mainly used via the extensions for Chromium, therefore they will work best on MacOS and Windows, we will give you full access to these marketing tools by a full-login chromium browser, you simply just need to download and click on extract and start your wonderful experience, there you go, easy as that.

You do not have to worry about our service even though it is a shared tool, we are able to guarantee our combo SEO tool service will work continually 99% time and rarely be limited by any reasons. However, as a customer, it is important to know that there will be bad results if you share this service with other people since sharing can lead to account blocking forever. There is one notice, our customers cannot use these tool at the same time on multiple devices, and you can only use these tools in one device at a time. The activities on the tools will be monitored closely by our team to make sure that no rule breaking will happen amongst our customers, account stealing and Group Buy services sharing acts are not allowed and if any customers break the rules that person is going to be immediately banned from using our services forever.

Here are some frequently asked questions that might give you more information about our service:

  • What is group buy SEO tools?

Answer: Group buy SEO tools means a combo of many SEO tools that are the accessible in a much cheaper price compared to the original price that you will have to pay if you buy the tools directly from the official website.

  • How can I pay to receive your service?

Answer: SEO Premium Tools welcome any customers with a Paypal account or credit and debit cards. You can finish your payment monthly to ensure your continuity in using our service. For more information about the payment procedures, please contact us via Facebook only, Click to our Fanpage: and type: “price” to see the pricing plan of each package.

  • When do I get the access after I finish the payment?

Answer: After finishing your payment, you will automatically receive instant access to our service within 12 or 24 hours. Our combo SEO tool includes more than 35+ tools that are recommended by SEO experts all around the world, namely Ahrefi, SEMcrush, Majestic, NetFlix, Grammarly, Spin Rewriter, Wordai, GoAnimate… Keyword Research Tools:, KwFinder, especially for content creators on Youtube and advertising agencies, we are offering unblocked features, for social media analytics, Buzzsumo, Fanpage Karma… are also included in the packages with the cheap cost that you cannot find anywhere.

  • Do you provide login details to the SEO tools? How do I get access to the tools?

Answer: No, we will not give you the login details, you will get access to the tool via the extensions of Chrome, we will give you the package of Chrome with full access, all you need is to download, extract and start using.

  • How do I get support if I need any? What are your support details?

Answer: We provide 24/7 support via facebook live chat and team viewer if needed, please check out our Fanpages .

  • Can I share SEO tools details with others?

Answer: No, If you share these tools with others, you will get banned from using our service permanently.

  • Is the tool supported for use on all operating system? 

Answer: The tools can be supported on MacOS or Windows since it is working via the extensions of Chromium but not on all operating systems.

  • If the tools are not working, can I get a refund? 

Answer: According to our regulation, when you decide to use our tools, we will guarantee that you get support whenever the tools are not working. We receive many positive comments for our service on our Facebook and we are very confident about our quality. However, according to our regulation, refund is not applicable.

  • Will my campaigns be seen by others?

Answer: Because this is a shared package, therefore your campaigns might be seen by other users in some tools.

  • I use multiple devices, can I use your package on all my devices?

Answer: You can use these tools in multiple devices but not at the same time

Our good reputation has been proved by many years working unstoppably and the satisfaction of our customers, to us, quality and stability are unable to be built overnight, if you are interested in seeing multiple comments for our service, please do not hesitate to check out our facebook page:

Among the tools, Ahrêfs is undeniably one of the most effective tools to be recommended by well-known SEO experts. Ahfefs – the highest quality tool for SEO. Their Keywords Explorer is able to draw out a full list of most frequent searched keywords, which gives you the quick and full analytic result that will help you to develop your website ranking. Ahtefs also provide features including Rank tracker, Site audit, and Content explorer…Normally, we will offer an Ahvefs service that can go through 30 to 40 domains per day, which is more than enough for an average internet marketing user, but a bigger need for more domains can always be provided if you sign up for a higher package.

Netflix and Go Animate will be your best buddies if you have a high demand for entertainment and entertainment businesses. With ultra-resolution videos, blockbusters and unlimited features available only in a few mouse clicks, everybody is now in love with Netflix, no more long queue of waiting for DVD rental or expensive rental fees, choosing Netflix is like choosing to positively change your whole entertainment world. Unlike Netflix, Go Animate will satisfy your creativity with animation making. The premium account will allow you to download and creating videos with no limits, however, this package can cost you up to 89$ for Go Animate and 16$ for Netflix monthly. This might be good for some users, however, why not considering to explore our account rental services with the cheapest price?

WordAi and Spin Rewriter are no longer unfamiliar with SEO experts all around the world. These tools use artificial intelligence to process contexts and paragraphs effectively for content spinning. WordAi and Spin Rewriter are the most demanding internet tools in the marketing and journalism sectors right now. For this reason, as we understand the needs of our customers, these tools are also listed on our full package.

For other purposes such as developing social media platforms, we are offering the high quality social media analytic service as in Buzzsumo and Fanpage Karma. We are aware that most content creators are investing in their ideas in how to improve their posts and draw the attention of customers to the products, that is the reason why media analytic tools namely Buzzsumo and Fanpage Karma are that powerful and useful. With the combination of these tools, our customers are enabled to be clearly informed on which topics and which parts of the topic are receiving attention from internet marketing users, they can also know what these internet users are interesting in and sharing, which help to boosts the performance of internet marketing posts and finally the sales of the products.

Here are some recommendations from the SEO experts all around the world:

The most important things in our work ethics are quality, stability and cheap price offers. In order to guarantee that our customers would never have to worry about errors during their working time, we provide 24/7 customer service that will assist you on any technical issues that you are having with our combo SEO tools. Our customer service will include live chat via Facebook, and Team Viewer support to directly address your issues.

We are trying our best to satisfy every need of our customers by offering private account, if you want to find out more of our services and Group Buy SEO tools package, please contact us via our Facebook fan page, we will make sure that you will receive responses immediately or you can join our Facebook group for free to get an update on the latest features. Here is the link to our Facebook group:

We have no doubt that you will become one of our life-long partners since most of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with our services. Contact us today to get the best advantages we can provide!